Beware, changing lenses too many times could dent the paint. If you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself, contact an optician.

Please follow our instructions in this video: here

The arms can be bent through heat, if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself you can bring them to any optician to be adjusted.

Be careful not to direct heat onto the magnets.

We do not offer prescription lenses at the moment, however our sunglasses are compatible with prescription lenses and any optician should be able to help you.

Our lifetime warranty covers any issues or faults arising from defects in the production and workmanship for the product’s lifespan.

Also if you break them, run over with your car, or blow them up we still guarantee them for life. With a small processing and handling fee you receive a brand new pair every time!

And if you lose them or they get stolen, just contact us and we’ll give you a discount to replace your lost pair.

Damaged items must be returned at your own shipping costs.

We treat our customers the way we expect to be treated: Reliable products and personal support if something doesn’t go as it should. Contact us directly and we’ll make it right.

Around 23 grams, or 0.81 ounces.

Francis Pike Sunglasses do use magnets, so if you have a pacemaker or a condition that precludes using magnets near your head or body, unfortunately Francis Pike Sunglasses aren't for you. Ask and follow your doctor's advice.

While magnetic fields pose no harm, we recommend that people with medical implants or devices consult with their doctor before using them.

For family members with pacemakers, please keep a safe distance from the magnetic hinges. The magnetic parts in our sunglasses are shielded so the magnetic field is greatly reduced. But still, better safe than sorry. Follow your doctor's advice if you have health concerns, and use similar caution as you would with other magnetic products.

In our design the magnets aren't fully enclosed, to guarantee the modularity of the sunglasses and ease of repair.

The magnets have a nickel covering, but unless you unmount the arms from the frame they’re never exposed.

Yes, your phone, laptop, and wallet will be fine. Even having your wallet right under the sunglasses won’t cause an issue. Our magnets are shielded, this means that the magnetic field outside the glasses is greatly reduced when the arms are connected to the frame.

Just don't detach the arms and slide the magnets down your credit card or ID badge.

Some hearing aids may react or become damaged if magnets are deliberately placed on them.

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