Have you ever gone on a hike, run, or had a picnic and only then noticed your sunglasses or eyeglasses have broken? It happens to everybody at least once. But you know what? If you buy Francis Pike Sunglasses, they last forever! Discover at least three reasons that make our shades unbreakable:

1. The Sunglasses are made of high quality materials

Our frames are made of Swiss amorphous polyamide. This material is perfect for glasses and sunglasses, as it is fatigue resistant, has low density and outstanding resistance to weather, chemicals or solvents. It's a sustainable ultra-durable product with comfort that is lightweight and high performance.

Our lenses are made of an ultra-light, transparent polyamide material produced by the world-famous German company Carl Zeiss AG. The material offers great shock resistance as well and has a very high optical quality (ABBE 52) which increases definition and reduces eyesight tiredness all while filtering out UV rays for complete protection from the sun! Plus, our scratch resistant technology prevents scuffs if they aren't stored properly or dropped by chance.

This means you can wear your sunglasses without worrying about them getting damaged when going on adventures!

2. Magnetic hinges that make them unbreakable

We design and manufacture a type of glasses that is more durable than what you might have experienced before. These sunglasses are built without springs or screws, but instead use magnetic hinges that provide the same stability and functionality as normal glasses. When subjected to excessive stress, the bars detach from one end so they don't get damaged! They can be put back together with just a click thanks to our unique patented system.

You can now have the confidence of wearing your favorite sunglasses at any time and place without breaking them - because forever is not enough. Just click them back together and go!

3. Keep your Pikes always cool with our replaceable parts

Now - let's assume the worse. There's an armour tank that happens to run over your sunglasses. In that case, we can't guarantee they will make it through. But what we can assure you is that you will never need to buy a new pair. You can just easily replace the little part that broke. From the arms to the lenses and frames, you can find every single one of your glasses' parts in our repair shop, which both means not having to pay for a full pair of sunglasses again, but also being able to buy different coloured parts for your sunglasses, if you wish - At the end, even a sad situation can be an opportunity for a new look!

From high quality materials to magnetic hinges to replaceable parts, our sunglasses are a must have for every person who loves going on trips and adventures!