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Our Story

We were in Mexico. Beautiful sceneries, exquisite food, between the Maya and Aztec ruins. What could go wrong?
I know what, finding your sunglasses with your arm bent, that's what. And you know how it goes, the more you try to straighten it the more it breaks.

We spent a few days trying to salvage what remained of my favourite pair of sunglasses, with glue and tape but there was nothing to be done. That was the moment when we realized that more could be done, that the current eyewear solution, with screws and springs, was not good enough. We wanted more.
When we got back, we started researching and we found exactly what we were expecting.

Screws that loosen and wear out are not enough, breakable lenses are not enough, frames too stiff are not enough. We want more, we want a pair of glasses that will last forever! No… FOREVER IS NOT ENOUGH.

What we believe in

We don’t settle, we aspire for more, we want more.

We want to be free of any worries, we don’t want to choose between the cheap glasses and being worried about wearing our favourite pair when going on a trip. We want to make life easier for those who wear glasses, making it more resistant and giving the possibility to repair it easily. We think that eyewear should not abandon you and should accompany you in all your adventures. We believe in giving back the power to consumers, giving back the choice on what to do with your products. Deciding whether to throw away or repair something should always be a choice. We’re against objects that have an expiration date, wear out fast, and contribute to polluting our planet.

In today's situation, creating products that last a long time and are easily repairable is one of the fundamental choices to fight climate change. No more waste or excessive consumerism. With our glasses, we aim to make our own contribution to a more sustainable approach in how people buy and keep products. Inspiring people to have a more mindful lifestyle as well as challenging the industry.

Deciding whether to throw away or repair something should always be a choice.


We wanted to create an excellent product in every aspect: beautiful to the eye without the worries of wear and tear. The result: efficiency and durability beyond compare.

We did it focusing on three elements:

hinges (the connection between arms and frame), frame and lenses.

Our unique patented system allows the temple bars to be stable in everyday use and detach when put under extreme stress situations, without damaging or compromising the frame. In this case the reassembly is simple and immediate.

Utilizing a Swiss-made amorphous polyamide, the frame is composed of 58% renewable resources and produced using castor plants and bio-mass energy. A sustainable ultra-durable and flexible product with comfort, lightness and high performance, entirely designed and built in Italy.

Our lenses are made of an ultra-light transparent polyamide. The material offers great shock resistance and, because of its pureness and clarity, a very high optical quality (ABBE 52), which increases definition and reduces eyesight tiredness, all while filtering the entire range of UV rays for a complete UV400 protection from the sun.

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